The Cell

Monday November 7
In Notebook Key Concepts p. 169 Vocabulary p. 169 & p. 173
Wednesday November 9
Begin Cell Brochure Due November 15
Tuesday Nov 15
One extra day for Project - animal cell coloring
Wednesday Nov 16
Presentations 7-1 Life is Cellular worksheet
Thursday Nov 17
Plant Cell Coloring
Friday Nov 18
Gas log p.188 Prokarytote Coloring
Monday Nov 21
Gas log 7-2 Eukaryotic Cell Structure
Monday Nov 28
Notebook Letter to the Cell
Tuesday Nov 29
7-1 & 7-2 Section Review w.s.
Wednesday Nov 30
The Cell Review
Thursday Dec 1
The Cell Quiz
Friday Dec 2
The Cell Study Sheet
Monday Dec 5
Test The Cell - Quiz Retake

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