LSD10 Describe how cells and organisms acquire and release energy (photosynthesis, chemosynthesis, cellular respiration and fermentation).

LSD11 Explain that living organisms use matter and energy to synthesize a variety of organic molecules (e.g., proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids) and to drive life processes (e.g., growth, reacting to the environment, reproduction and movement).

Goal: This unit will be worth 125 points plus an Assessment Test. Each objective (worth 25 points each) must be achieved in order to take the assessment. As you reach your objective I will review your achievement level and allow you to move on to the next objective. Some of the activities listed can be used to meet more than one objective. I will determine if that objective has been met. (I need artifacts to prove that each objective has been met). No group work unless previously approved by Mrs. McGill.

1. Photosynthesis Equation
p. 206
2. Inside a Chloroplast
p. 209
3. Light Dependent & Light Independent Reactions
p. 210 - 211
4. Factors Affecting Photosynthsis
p. 214
5. Organic Compounds that drive life processess
p. 44-48

Choose from the following activities until you have met all 6 objectives. You may do as many as you need in order to achieve your objectives and pass the assessment. In order to earn points for each objective you must provide artifacts to me for approval. When you believe you are ready to take the assessment, let Mrs. McGill know and you can take the assessment. Remember you have two chances to pass the test with an 80%. All students must have completed the assessment by Wednesday , Jan. 18.
Student Product: Make a visual that achieves one or more objective
  1. Graphic Novel; fairy tale; dramatic or comedic short story.
  2. Model or mobile using household or classroom items to represent the parts.
  3. Poster, advertisement, paper mache’, Venn Diagrams
  4. Board game, card game, jigsaw puzzle.
  5. Video, rap, poem, rhyme…
  6. Your choice (Must get teacher approval first)

PowerPoints and worksheets

Photosynthesis Animation
Calvin Cycle Animation
Photosynthesis Animation
Photosynthesis Animation
Photosynthesis movie
Photosynthesis Movie
Light Dependent Reactions
Photosynthesis Electron Transport and ATP Synthesis
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Video Websites
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Interactive Websites
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