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DNA History Links

DNA History

Hershy Chase Experiment Animation with Audio

DNA interactive discoveries Go to Timeline and you will see many Scientists. Find the ones for your assignment- click on the icon near them to get information about thier experiment.

DNA from the Beginning Go to Molecules of Genetics then # 17 For Avery's Experiment - Animation and Explanation
#19 shows Watson & Crick and how they discovered DNA's structure

DNA Structure

Build a DNA molecule INTERACTIVE Fun - learn base pairing!!
DNA Tour Start with "What is DNA?"

DNA Replication Animation with Audio

Make RNA then Protein using Codon Table LOTS OF FUN!!! First write the mRNA strand.
If A - type U
if T - type A
if G - type C
if C - type G
After you have your RNA look for AUG to start protein.

Protein Synthesis Animation Transcription and Translation

Mutation Animation with Self Quiz